Who loves a potting bench that doubles as an outdoor bar for summertime parties??  The gypsies do!!  We always love a piece of furniture that works overtime while still looking great!

Here is the story with this particular overachiever….  We found this great vintage cast iron sink and stuck it in our shed – waiting to find the perfect piece of furniture  to pop in it to.  Well one day while rooting around out in the shed and digging barnwood out from under piles of stuff, we spied the forgotten sink.  It was perched on top of an old workbench that had already seen it’s day come and go.  The main problem with this particular workbench was a couple large holes in the middle of the top – not very useful!  Well….if you are going to put a sink in the center of something then a couple holes don’t matter – do they???  So an idea began to develop and it was far from the original plan.  But when you are working with salvaged materials you have to think outside the box.  You only have the materials that can be found and that’s the challenge!  The workbench ended up being a perfect fit for the sink.  Surprise!  Sometimes it’s better not to have a plan – we may have noticed the match much earlier!!

We cut the hole in the top of the workbench, added extra support underneath for the sink and dropped it in.  Grabbed an old pallet and attached it with supports down the back.  Found an old discarded shelf from some other piece of furniture and mounted it on top of the pallet.  We even had some cool industrial L brackets we saved from another deconstructed piece and used them for shelf supports.  We figured that when it comes to a potting bench you can’t have too many hooks to hang your tools – so we piled them on, mismatched what the heck.  More fun right?  Added old barn boards across the bottom to make a shelf for pots and soil. Moved some brackets from under the workbench to the front and side so they can be used to hold towels, etc  (not sure what their original use was but they are perfect – see the towel hanging on one of them?)  Added a bottle opener and finished!

Now just add sunshine, ice and beer!!  Potting bench Gypsy style!


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