Saltwater scented breezes, smells of funnel cake & fries, laughter from kids at play, the ferris wheel going round, bright colors of the carnival and vendors peddling their wares – these are some of our favorite memories of the boardwalk.


Wouldn’t it be great to bring that “lazy day at the beach” feeling home to enjoy all year long?  We’ve put together a few of our favorite decorating ideas to help you achieve that light & airy, laidback feeling inspired by the boardwalk.  And some inspirational pics from the Ralph Lauren Hither Hills Collection that embodies the free-spirited look we love!

RL hither hills

Elements that we like to incorporate:

Weatherbeaten wood pieces, trunks, seagrass rugs, woven baskets, oars, driftwood, rope details, fishing net, shells, sand in jars with candles, slipcovered furniture, nature inspired tones for paint, clapboard or beadboard, exposed wood beams, opt for wood floors – rustic or painted. We love a trunk used as a coffee table.

A few rules to get that laid back feeling (even though we hate rules!):

No furniture “sets” or matching pieces – you want to have a collected look as if these pieces have been previously loved by friends or family and then passed on to a new home.  Don’t overdo it with nautical elements i.e. sand and shells – a little goes a long way.  Mix textures and fabrics.  Reminiscent of sails and the wooden hull of a boat, crisp white linens combined with mid-tone wood makes us dream of sailing.  Happy decorating!


Check out Ralph Lauren’s tumblr page  to see the whole collection.



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