I decided it would be perfect for our first blog post to be about a gypsified dresser. Gypsified “what’s that??” you wonder. That’s a piece that is painted 3 or more of our favorite GypsyFaire colors (typically it’s some combination of red, aqua, brown and cream).

gypsified dresser

1940's dresser

The dresser was a 1940’s cutie in pretty good shape – LOVE the little hatbox on top!



The first step is sanding. We ALWAYS sand even when we use chalk paint because we have learned our lesson over the years.  The only time we don’t sand is when using Zinsser Bin – this stuff will adhere to anything including laminate!

2nd step – paint the entire piece creamy white.



After 2 coats of the base color (and plenty of drying time) we painted the blue and brown details.  It doesn’t have to be perfect since we usually go back and distress.


We try to wait a few days to make sure the paint has set-up and then start the distressing process.  The hand sander with 220 grit usually get the job done quickly.


We like to use a tinted wax on our gypsified pieces so they look like they’ve been around for a while.  We want this piece to look like it’s had lots of love over the years and tinted wax will do the trick!  The waxing process can be done many ways. Here we brushed it on with a disposable brush and rubbed the excess off with a lint-free rag.  

detail of gypsified dresser

We love the finished product!


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